Infinite Healing, Infinite Being

Infinite Healing, Infinite Being

During great times of shift and change of both inner personal and global levels, people are awakening and discovering new energies and light purposes within themselves.

As this mass shift in conscious perception increases like the rise of a wave people are being asked to change on a greater level than ever before. Light and earth workers who previously thought that their path was clear and fulfilling are now re evaluating their own personal beliefs and working though core cycles of karmic energy that need to be released and step forward onto their journey without being bound by fear of change and standing in their own power place of their true self being.

As these great shifts increase in strength and energy many light workers are struggling to work through these and find ways of releasing and letting go of what is holding them back on their journey. The energies on our current planetary cycle is much denser than previous light times and although the Earth herself is offering assistance and great healing to those who need it other beings and energies of the light have come to assist those who need to move forward in order to help those around them and the earth herself.

I was recently given a tool called Infinite healing to assist light workers with this healing process, as the time for great work with the infinite and boundless energy of the universe is upon us.
Everyone has the ability to release themselves from the restraints of their personal blocks, fears, worries and boundaries that are preventing them from returning back to a state on oneness and wholeness with the infinite energies of all there is.

Light workers or Earth spirits around the planet are experiencing an awakening to their core self, a mass realization that their true calling, the pull from their energy is not in alignment with their current light work or path, or even people around them.
The great shifts of the Earth and her planets have unlocked this process, but they are unable to unify this in the physical form on the planet, Infinite Healing has been brought into existence to assist this process.

Infinite Healing is about reactivatingrealigning and empowering. It is the energetic release from the Celestial sphere and realignment of all energies across the multi dimensional universe, so they can once again see and regain their true Earth purpose to full fill the light destiny they hold within.

When your energy is released and you are brought back to a state of harmony and wholeness a feeling of great peace and love is felt as you open up and allow your infinite being to step forward.

During a session of Infinite your energy is realigned to your zenith point within the universe and your energy is taken up out of the confines of the sphere and to the great realms of Orion’s nebula.

Orion’s nebula is a place of cosmic healing and re-birthing of energy and during the healing you will be returned back to a state of pure matter while your holographic selves that have been lost thought out the multi dimensions of the universe are returned with the assistance of great star energies.
Your energy will be once again realigned to your true superlative self and karmic ties that have caused transmutation on a cellular level will be restored and released.

This return to a state of endless energy and being is of great importance to lightworkers at this time as the Earth herself requires great assistance from those in her own healing and the energies of the great earth spirits and light workers to be in complete harmony and energy balance to assist her.

Everyone is a limitless, boundless, endless, infinite source of light, energy, knowledge and wisdom. If you are feeling that you are unable to move forward, release and step into your true self then this healing has been brought forward to assist you.

Great waves of light workers and earth spirits are being awoken within the Uk and all over the planet at this time, and they are being asked to find their true self purpose and personal light power in order to assist in these great times of energetic convergence and this healing as well as others have been brought forward to assist in the process of the great shifts and changes all around our planet and within each of ourselves.


4 Responses to Infinite Healing, Infinite Being

  1. Liz Maglaras says:

    I had an infinite healing session a couple of months ago, its truely amazing and I believe Chiara’s healing is unique. ‘Its able to reach parts other healers can’t reach’- funny but ture! I have so much faith in the work she does that I got my brother a session and I can really see the difference iin him, even after several weeks. My Dads also going for a session. Infinite healing is great when combined with Lynn’s Karmic debris extraction. Its also great value for the kind of healing she gives. If you feel drawn to do it- go for it. x

  2. I would recommend this wonderful healing along with Karmic Exsraction, after having these treatments, I have felt a lot more focused, and now know where im going this year. thank you Chiara and Lynn xx

  3. Wendy Rose Crombie says:

    I have had infinite healing twice, and both sessions have helped me along my path preparing me for 2012, and beyond. I have had two beautiful sessions, where i felt immense peace,realignment, and boundless love. I am recommending Chiara, and Infinite healing,because it has truely helped me realise that we are boundless, limitless beings of light, and with love and Infinite healing we can tap into the universal love and thrive. thankyou Chiara, and love Wendy Rose Crombie.xxxx

  4. Shelley Smith - Angelic Reiki Master Healer. says:

    After travelling to see Lynn Morris in Basingstoke to have the Karmic Debris Extraction healing a couple of months ago, the results were so profound, I was drawn to have Infinite Healing and found this really does compliment Lynns work. Knowing that any hardships suffered in previous lives had been safely moved on, I felt a huge weight had been lifted and was now free to walk my true path. Since having these treatments, my confidence has returned, I have firm goals in mind and I am taking those steps that once, seemed so far out of reach, are now here and I am embracing those goals.

    These two treatments, although very different from one another, they go hand in hand. Very good value for money considering the results are life changing!. I have recommended to countless people, who would also be very interested in the near future to book sessions for both.

    Love and Light ❤

    Shelley Smith.

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