Connecting to your Inner Light

Each and every one of us is on their own personal inner journey to discover their own true self and true energies within them. Each and everyone have a light, a divine connection to the universe that lies within their heart space.

There is a now a conscious awakening to that inner light, and moving from your outer surrounding to seeing that the universe and everything is within your own being at this time.

Many people are finding these shifts of being difficult to work through and emotional,  physical and mental thought processes and blocks on this journey are manifesting on a greater and rapid level than ever before in order for our self to expand and consciously being our true energy.

Allow yourself to breath into your heart space, moving with these streams of inner light expanding and contracting you will be able to allow your body in the physical to merge with your light being self.

Each cell in your body is resonating at the same frequency to that which you think, feel and experience within your own being. By drawing that connected infinite self-energy within your being, and expanding your conscious energy outwards you will become aware of a greater level of understanding for your universal journey for this life on the planet.

Nothing around you is necessary to take you forward; true vibrational light alignments come from connecting to your inner gifts, wisdom, heart centre and energy, allowing your energetic self to be the journey towards wholeness and boundless being.

So many feel the inner pull now to step away from the jobs and lifestyle they are currently living, but during these transitions great emotional responsibilities within the head space anchor the fear of living those dreams as a reality. This is where disharmony can dwell and manifest within your energy as you begin to live in a place of regret, dissatisfaction and disharmony.

Allowing yourself to continue living this life while creating space and time to live your dream, is a balance that can be created within peoples busy lives.  To see the big picture you often need to see the small steps within your life that you are able to change and manifest before making that leap into the void of conscious living within your dreams.

By empowering yourself to live each moment and finding joy in allowing your dreams to be created within that daily space will bring a greater sense of harmony and energetic levels.

When you are living a life that you hate, always living in the energy of the dreams you don’t have, your energy also lives in that space. If you wanted to be a photographer but will never feel that you can leave your job to follow that dream there is nothing stopping you creating that love, joy and passion for that dream from moments within your life.

Be creative with your time and each moment, carry your camera and take images on your way to work, in your lunch hour, during your work and after, share them on your media pages, blog about what you experienced within that image…share your passion and dream.

Find that joy to live your dreams within each moment. For living your dreams alongside your life you are able to raise your energy and others around you without the fear of financial obligations and stress and allowing it to grow, develop and flourish within your daily life and within you.

You never know where your dream moments will take you…


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