Daily Soul Messages

These are some of the soul messages that are sent out to inspire, empower and make you more aware of your own energy and space each day. If they resonate with you please do sign up, they are free and delivered to your inbox every day.

Today is about seeing the magic in everything, be more aware of every
moment and look beyond what you see.
Become more aware of the energy and magic that is taking place for that
moment to happen and be in your reality at that exact moment.
Magic is in everything, open your eyes and your heart and connect to the magic that is all around you.
Today connect with the energy of sound. Allow your ears to be your
source of discovery. Close your eyes and connect to all the sounds that
are around you.
Listen to the birds, the planes, the sounds of the people.
Today when you listen, listen to the life and energy that is always
around you. See if you can become more aware of the sounds that touch
your soul and fill your heart with happiness.
Today remember it does not matter where you are at any given moment,in an 
office, in a shop, at home or on a journey, you are always connected to the
Earth and the skies. They are always with you and are always available to
connect with, no matter where you are.
As we breathe each and every day we are always moving forward, the
plants and animals ever changing, the Earth is ever spinning, the days
being reborn to new energy, the planets ever shifting, the universe
always expanding and growing.
YOU are ever changing, ever shifting, ever learning, ever growing, and
your true authentic self and energy during this light journey
this time on the Earth. Do not relive what happened yesterday, learn
from it, and live on, always moving forward and upwards.

Be inspired and sign up today!


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