28 Day Spring Clean Your Energy

This is a 28 day spring clean your energy video blog. I will be posting daily video’s for you to follow with some fun and different ways of connecting with your energy and clearing, cleansing your space and self. Feel from to post a comment if there is a topic you would like me to cover.

Click on each image to see the video.

Day 1 is about your feet and your connection to the Earth.




Day 2 is about how you perceive yourself.



Day 3 is about your front door to your home and clearing the energy.



Day 4 is about wasting your energy resources and becoming aware of areas in your life where you can better use your energy.



Day 5 is about slowing down and becoming more aware of focusing your energy on one task at a time.


Day 6 is about becoming aware of a cycle that no longer serves our highest good. Work on releasing yourself from that cycle and moving forward.


Day 7 is about healing your relationship with money and how you perceive your relationship to it.


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