Joint KDE and Infinite Session

Lynn and Chiara work closely together as joint sessions of Karmic Debris Extraction, and then a treatment of Infinite healing straight after has proved to be an amazing tool to assist  you in releasing from all the karmic ties that are holding you back, and restoring you to their whole, infinite, boundless self after.

Lynn and Chiara have also found that working together in this way has brought a greater level of healing, energetic transformation and guidance from a higher level.

Joint sessions are run throughout the month but are hugely popular and must be booked up in advance. They can be booked in person or distantly at a time that suits you.

Please visit our website You Are Powerful for full details:

If you would like to book a joint session please contact Chiara on 07947404160 or email

In 2011 both Chiara and Lynn were given a healing technique to assist lightworkers and people who feel they are ready to embrace this lifetime and move forward using their skills and gifts to assist others and themselves.

As we reincarnate you build up karmic debris from previous lives in your energy field that slows and lowers your vibration. Over each lifetime you may have had trauma, power or energy loss due to events in those lifetimes, all this is brought forward into this lifetime and those cords of energy are still attached to your energetic self holding you back.

Here is a list of some of the physical effects people have come to us with, and feel that is restricting their ability to fully embrace this life and empower themselves forward.

Hearing sounds or tinnitus
Trust issues
Over worrying
Feel like you keep hitting a brick wall
Mind confusion
Lack of drive and ambition
Unable to focus or seek clarity on your life or situation
Physical ailments, pains, reoccurring injury
Unable to settle and need for constant change
Unable to break cycles, reliving the same one over and over
Relationship cycles, unable to commit to a relationship, meeting the wrong person
Deep beliefs that are not serving you
Ready to take the next step but feel held back, stuck, blocked
Flash backs or nightmares
Drained energy
Over sleeping
Spacy or not grounded
Psychic attack
Easily scared or feel you are being watched

Do you feel that any of these are affecting you?
Do you feel that it is out of your control and you are unable to break free or change the outcome or situation?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you would benefit from a joint session with Chiara and Lynn.

We are guided to work with you for your highest good and will only ever share information from the sessions that will empower you forward with a greater clarity, focus, ease of manifesting what you want in your life, confidence to step forward and a feeling of general lightness and empowerment within your whole self.

What happens during these sessions?
Lynn works to remove the karmic debris from your energetic field, removing any karmic cords or contracts that no longer serve you for you at the exact time on your journey. She will be shown a karmic cycle that is relevant to you at this time in your life and with guidance from the guides that she works with will offer you information about this cycle and how you can move forward with positivity.

Chiara then works to restore any power loss, loss of energy or parts of your energetic self that have been lost or taken though out your lifetimes. These are drawn back to you and you are restored back to your whole self-energy.

Healing is given throughout the joint sessions working with you to heal any karmic wounds, trauma from energy cords, physical ailments within your body or emotional pain.
Both Chiara and Lynn will offer channelled guidance to bring clarity to your life purpose and bring clarity to the questions you have.
These sessions are very powerful and have been brought forward at this time to free people, inspire and empower them forward as their true authentic, powerful self.

Can these sessions be done distantly?
Yes these sessions are available to anyone on the planet who would like them. They are just as powerful as the one’s in person and you still get the information and healing required.
The distant sessions can be organised at a time that suits you and all you need to do is lie or sit down and set your intentions to be open to the healing and release work.

What is the cost of these sessions?
If you would like to book a session in person with Chiara and Lynn the cost is currently only £60 which includes a session of the Karmic Debris Extraction, a session of Infinite Healing, channeled guidance and a life purpose reading.
If you would like a session of them both distantly the current price is only £30 for both of them (*this will increase at the end of April 2012 to £40)

Bookings must be made in advance.

If you would like to book your session in either person or distantly or if you have any further questions please email Chiara or Lynn on

For full details on these treatments please visit:


2 Responses to Joint KDE and Infinite Session

  1. Sue Crouch says:

    I have had karmic debris extraction and infinite healing
    The results of both these treatments has been miraculous.
    Lynns karmic debris extraction was 100% relevant to my current life and has enabled my body to let go of the past and to move forward.
    I have a form of arthritis which affects my spine and many other joints.
    After both treatments my osteopath said that there had been an improvement of 80% in some areas of spine. I had also gained 10 inches more movement. I also felt a strong sense of an inner peace, happy, calm and stronger to make the changes to my life that need to be made.
    I cannot recommend these two treatments highly enough. They are given by two truly gifted girls.

  2. Sue Goff says:

    Having these treatments was a revelation to me. Six months ago now and I can look back and say it really was a turning point. I have felt so much more energised and able to move forward since then; it has made a huge difference in every way. I can’t thank Lynn and Chiara enough for giving these combined treatments, and at such a reasonable cost for such invaluable help.

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