Infinite Healing

Infinite healing is about healing the person without the boundaries of
space with the assistance of the universe.

Infinite Healing is a new form of healing that was channeled by Chiara Irvine in 2011.
This form of healing has been brought forward for light and Earth beings to assist them in returning back to the boundless realms of existence.

Infinite Healing is about reactivatingrealigning and empowering. It is the energetic release from the Celestial sphere and realignment of all energies across the multi dimensional universe.

Infinite healing unlocks light beings from the sphere of existence and out to the infinite, so they are able once again to see and regain their true Earth purpose to full fill the light destiny they hold within.
Lightworkers or light beings around the planet are experiencing an awakening to their core self, a mass realization that their true calling, the pull from their energy is not in alignment with their current light work or path, or even people around them.
The great shifts of the Earth and her planets have unlocked this process, but they are unable to unify this in the physical from on the planet, Infinite Healing has been brought into existence to assist this process.

What will happen during a treatment?
A session of Infinite healing is slightly different to a session of Reiki or other healing techniques. You lie on the couch like other forms but during the healing your light body is taken up into the universe where you are reconnected with your holographic selves that have been scattered throughout the universe during this and other light times.
Quartz crystals are used to assist this process.
The energy of the constellations and  planets are called upon during the healing and used to assist in this process of realignment.
Work on a cellular level is performed as the self is returned back to its superlative self. DNA reconstruction and cell mutation is repaired during this healing.

The cost of a session of Infinite healing is £45 which also includes a personal channeled message from source which can be channeled before the session or during and time will be allowed at the end to discuss and work though.



5 Responses to Infinite Healing

  1. I like this web site it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

  2. Sue Crouch says:

    I have had karmic debris extraction and infinite healing.
    The results have been miraculous.
    I have a form of arthritis in my spine and many other joints.
    After the healing my osteopath said my spine had improved by 80% in some areas. I gained 10 inches more movement! I also felt a strong sense of an inner peace, calm, happy and stronger to make the changes in my life that need to be made.
    Lynn’s karmic debris extraction was relevant to my current life and as a result of her treatment my osteopath said that certain parts of my body had let go.
    These two treatments are amazing. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The two girls that give this treatment are truly gifted.

  3. Rattling nice design and excellent content, very little else we need :D.

  4. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly liked reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I loved it!

  5. My name is Heather & I am a local Sound & Reiki Healer, Shamanic Practitioner & workshop leader. Like a lot of lightworkers, I was finding 2011 a big struggle & couldn’t understand why I felt stuck & like I was ‘wading through treacle’. I decided to have a double session of Karmic Debris & Infinite healing with Lynn & Chiara.
    These two sessions combined revealed to me so much about my past lives & it became suddenly so clear as to why I’d been blocked. Lynn’s session swept & cleared a lot of the old karmic ties & I found this to be a wonderful session. (Totally beautiful & wonderfully relaxing as well!) & Chiara’s infinite revealed something very personal to me on a quite an emotional level which I was so happy to learn & now I accept it & haved moved on with a renewed sense of purpose. Again, her session was really healing as well & you feel so much good vibration – it’s wonderful.

    So, now it’s 2012 & I can’t tell you how amazing these two sessions have been for me in allowing me to grow & find a new sense of purpose & fresh belief in my own work. I know the clearer I can be, the more powerful I will become in my own sessions & workshops. I would highly recommend other fellow lightworksers to have the double session & see the results for yourself.
    Well done Lynn & Chiara. Beautiful ladies! X x X

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