Crystalline Energy Alignment

Distant Crystalline Energy Alignment £10

The Crystalline Energy Alignments are here to assist people in aligning to the crystalline shifts with in the physical and etheric bodies during this time. They work to align your with your own personal crystal with in the Earth and the solar energy, aligning the two with in your heart space opening you up to a greater understanding, clarity, energy and connected energy field to the planet and the crystalline grid of the planet at this time.

These Crystalline Energy Alignments are available for anyone on the planet at this time and are offered distantly at a time that suits you. There may be shifts of emotional release and blocks during this alignment and a sense of become lighter and release from the symptoms of the ascension process.

The sessions take approximatly 30 minutes and are done distantly so ANYONE in the world can have one at a time the suits you.
All I need you to do is be still either lying down or sitting and opening up and aligning to the energies. People have felt great waves of energy during these alignments and a shift in energy.

The energies of the earth are shifting now at a more rapid rate as the magnetic grid is being reduced as the Crystalline Grid becomes dominant. It affects you, influences your being in a powerful manner in the shift.

Many people have talked about the Ascension symptoms during these shifts as the duality of energy becomes more crystalline, and it is so important to stay balanced and aware on adjusting your own auric field during this process.
These adjustments within our energy field and physical body can be uncomfortable and painful at times and come in waves of highs and extreme lows, becoming more aware of these and resting is important at this time.

These are a few of the spiritual awakening/ascension symptoms:

Feeling as if you are in a pressure cooker or in intense energy; feeling stress
Depression, anxiety, panic or fear
Low blood sugar and need to eat little and often
Weight gain around the middle
Unusual aches and pains in the body
A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a sense of place
Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping
Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dream
Memory loss; difficulty accessing words
Waking in the night between 2-4am
Seeing and hearing things
Loss of identity and friends
Loss or desire for food and wanting to sleep for long periods

Each and every one of us are experiencing our own transformation and conscious awakening as well as planet Earth. We are all co-creators of this evolutionary shift in the conscious grid to the crystalline light energy, and a greater understanding that we are all working towards the same mission, but with our own individual focus and roles towards this transformation.

We each serve as human portals and an extension of this powerful network, and the more people who are aligned and assisted on this path of unity of the crystalline grid on a global level, the greater the transformation for the planet and ourselves.

By consciously connecting into the Grid, we all become stronger receivers and transmitters of the higher light frequencies… as one synergistic beam of ascension energy. As you merge into this crystalline light matrix, you will open up to your highest human potential.

The cost of a session of the Crystalline Energy Alignment is currently £10 to make it accessible to everyone.

Sessions take between 20-30 minutes.

Please email me for booking your distant session on


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