Empowerment Session

Empowerment Sessions

This is your healing journey, and these longer one to one sessions have been designed to explore and go into greater depth what is holding you back, healing deeper wounds and discovering ways together to move you forward with positive energy and change.

Each session is individual to each person who comes and will vary, but during your session we may include:

  • Inital consultation to connect with your goals and healing aspirations
  • Meditation or journeying to find deeper understanding
  • Breath work and inner journey work with blocks and fears
  • Creating powerful Mantras and affirmations for you to work with in your own space
  • Energy healing working with different Earth elements, power animals, stellar, solar, moon or planetary energy, light guides, sound, drumming, channeled guidance, crystals and Earth tools.
  • Connected self awareness within your environment, shifting your perspective and awakening yourself to a greater understanding of your energy
  • personal plan and follow on work to take away and work with to assist you on continuing to move forward with positive energy

YOU hold the power to unlock your true potential and power and these sessions are here to assist you in releasing, realigning to your true authentic self state and being.

These healing sessions last 2 hours so that a greater level of work can be achieved with yourself and Chiara. The cost of these sessions is £50 but if three are booked in advance the price is reduced to £120.

These must be booked in advance.

Unlock your true potential, abundance and power, and release yourself from the energies that hold you back


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