Cosmic Soul Readings

Personal Channeled Messages and Guidance

Many people are looking for guidance and affirmations in their lives.
More people are looking beyond the realms of their self and the world around them for assistance and support as they journey on their path forward.

 I work along side the beings of the infinite to offer beautiful guided messages of love, peace and compassion and the words that have come forward have offered many people the guidance they needed to allow themselves to let go knowing that they are supported and loved.
The messages are also powerful and empowering and many people have said that unlike any other guidance they have had these words have resonated to their core and true self and have been the missing words that they have felt they have needed to assist them forward on their journey.

‘WOW what amazing words and how they spoke to my heart’
 ‘What a beautiful gift and just what I needed to help me’
‘It all made so much sense and its so much seems clearer now, thank you so much’
‘You have a beautiful connection and bring such clarity and love through the words’
‘The information about what is blocking me helped me release them and move on’
‘I shall keep them with me and use them as I move forward each day’
‘I cried when I read them as I knew the words were spoken for me’

If you would like a channeled message the current cost is only £15 for the whole of 2012.

I work from the heart and allow the words to flow for the person that they are intended for on all levels including past lives, karmic issues and energy cords.



3 Responses to Cosmic Soul Readings

  1. I requested a channeling from Chiara at a time when life felt quite heavy and overwhelming. From the moment I contacted Chiara, my experience was pure peace and upliftment. Chiara has a very calm, reassuring way about her and her aura is very loving. The whole process of receiving the channelled message from request to receiving it was smooth and well managed. When I received the message by email it was just the “pill” I needed to help me reclaim my personal power. I am deeply grateful to Chiara and the light beings she works with for the guidance.

  2. Wendy Rose Crombie says:

    I have had a channeled message from Chiara, and it inspires me to believe that i will achieve the wonderful things that were written for me. it was truely a gift of love, and wisdom, and i read it often to encourage me foward.I also had three from Chiara for each of my grown children as christmas gifts, and all 3 of them were very accurate, and my oldest daughters one made me cry!.. I wholeheartedly recommend these messages of love.xxxx

  3. Genevieve Mc Gee says:

    I received a beautiful & inspiring Channelled Message from Chiara a while back now. It re affirmed the direction I had been going on & gave me the courage to keep walking my path with love and to share my gifts with the world around me. She is inspiring & comes from a place of love light & truth. Blessings to Chiara & Thank you

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