Introduction To Earth Healing

This is a 4 part course to take you on an energetic exploration of the Earth Energies all around you that are available to you to connect with and use within your healing practice and healing toolkit.

You will develop a greater connection and awareness to your own environment and the diverse and endless energy that the planet Earth you live on has to offer.

During the Earth healing course you will discover how to:

  • Working with each of the Earth element fire, wind, water and earth and the different elements within each of them for healing
  • Elemental meditations and journeys
  • Using the energies around you for guidance and daily healing
  •  Explore how to connect and use different earth tools for healing
  • Connecting to your Earth element guides

This a personal journey of discovery working with the energies of the earth and how you can adapt them to your own energies and within your own healing. 

This course is for anyone who is Reiki 1 or above or has been attuned to some form of healing system as a prior understanding of working with energy healing is required.

The cost of this course is £100 and can be paid in installments.

Course dates:TBC
Location: Reading, Berkshire
Number of Places: 6

To book your place of find out course dates please email me on or call me on 07947404160


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