Discover your own unique path to evolved healing and become a truly universal energy healer

There is already only 3 places left for September! Course begins on September the 22nd

Please note I am open to monthly payment plans to make it affordable for all. 

It is an amazing journey discovering your healing path, and you may have already learnt some techniques or been attunded to a healing form.

You feel connected to what you have already learnt and experienced, but in your heart you feel something is missing or don’t feel passionate about it?

Many people are awakening to their own energy and by connecting to your true self energy and power you can discover your own unique healing abilities, and a greater level of understanding and energetic guidance and flow.

By developing a greater understanding of your connected self you begin to stand in your own power and energy, and realise that you are not the channel for healing, rather that you are the healing energy yourself.

This course will take you on your own personal journey discovering your own sacred connection to the energies around you, within the whole universe and within yourself.

By the end of this 6 month course you will have learnt how to work with your own:
Akashic records and your clients
Channel powerful healing symbols
Work with the Earth elements and trigger tools
Connect with your Earth Crystal and clients for healing and guidance
Connected breath work for higher awareness and power work
Working with the energies within the universe, star energy, nebula, solar, lunar
Connect with your own Earth and Universe guides
Create your own powerful meditations, mantras and movement
Release belief  patterns linked to fear and ego, cut cords, remove blocks
Create a sacred space, clearing and cleansing yourself and a space
Higher- self to Higher-self healing and guidance
Activate your own light body
Connect with your higher and infinite self
Develop your own personal core healing principles and conscious healing framework

You will learn how to work with your infinite self and become the boundless and endless energy flow that you are.

You will access your own light body energy and connect with your Earth crystal energy and knowledge, as well as working with the Akashic for yourself and others for deeper guidance, releasing and healing.

You will work alongside your own self guides to assist and support you on this journey, connecting both to the energies of the Earth and the infinite universe.

This course is about discovering and reconnecting with your true self power and personal healing energy that is you.
By learning how to connect with different sources of energy you can create your own personal healing that resonates with your true self offering you a greater level of healing, guidance and empowerment.
Moving you forward into a flowing infinite energy for both yourself and your clients.

Emerge and become your true sacred energy of self.

Where: Reading, Berkshire
When: Begins Saturday 22nd September 2012.
Time: 10am – 5pm
Length: 6 months

Investment: £350 for all 6 one day workshops and a monthly mediation and support group

Please note I am open to monthly payment plans to make it affordable. 

There is only 6 places available for this course if you would like to book one please contact Chiara. ** ONLY 3 LEFT.


2 Responses to Emerge

  1. Wend says:

    Sounds up my alley.im giving it serious thoughtx.x.x..

  2. Iain Savage says:

    My email blessings.

    Iain Savage

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