Ive not blogged for a really long time as so much of my time gets used to channel and write other pieces of work, but I wanted to get back into putting some of my thoughts back down in words.

This blog is about gratitude as it has been a key word for me this year more than ever before. Becoming more grateful for everything in my life has been such an awakening. I have become so much more aware though gratitude, focusing on what I am grateful for within each moment of the day is an enlightening experience.

Your awareness of such smaller details within moments begin to occur, you connect on such a greater level with your heart and begin to actively look within your ever changing environment for anything to be grateful for, smile and completely give thanks for.

February was my birthday month and I received some amazing gifts from people, a dear friend wrote a poem and each verse was for a chakra of mine, another friend channelled me such a beautiful message, I also received a card reading where a lovely friend had pulled two cards for me, photocopied them and the meaning and sent them too me.

One gift I have been given this month from an amazing person who is very restricted for money really touched me she had bought me a rhubarb plant to say thank you. She suggested that as it grew really big that I share the crop with other people so that others get to also benefit from it. The gratitude and love I felt was immense, there are times that no money can match such a gift.

Gratitude, I am grateful, it implies that you are worthy; you are open and accepting of everything in your life that you are manifesting and allowing it to flow.

By physically showing your gratitude you not only telling the universe the great things in your life that you want to aligning too, but you are also acknowledging to yourself the positive path that you are leading, and focusing on.

By either saying out loud or writing down what you are grateful for each day, you can begin to see a clear pattern of what resonated with you, what makes you happy and what you want more of in your life and what people, situations, thoughts, cycles that you need to release, all the while showing gratitude for the lessons you have learnt and been shown from them.

I have got different ways that I connect to my gratitude and one that I have spoken about before in a video and that is my gratitude pot (a jar on my desk). Wherever a person books in with me, something positive happens, I meet a new person or generally anything that I want to show gratitude for I put a coin in my pot. I state out loud what I am grateful for and connect to my heart and reconnect to the energy of that moment for the gratitude before putting the coin in the pot. The more I am grateful for the fuller my pot becomes and the connection to the manifestation of the physical from the gratitude is awesome to watch. I love it!

I am thankful, I am grateful, I appreciate everything that is good in my life, I am open and worthy of more of it, and I am whole heartedly aligned to making new and exciting positive steps each day, each moment and every day to show gratitude for. Read that, think about it and connect to gratitude tomorrow, actually as you are reading connect to this as everyone has something to be grateful for for today.


3 Responses to Blog

  1. Iain says:

    Thank you for this lovely informative blog!

  2. In the absence of the like buttony thingymebobness
    😀 x

  3. Karen Lamb says:

    I like your style, you are an amazing person with a huge heart, but what is so gratifying is that you are finally realizing what a beautiful human being you are. like the chrysalis unfolding into the butterfly, you have wings & are not frightened to fly.. As a mother I am GRATEFUL that I gave birth to you. ( so As of today I will start my gratitude jar, & keep it right next to my gratitude diary).

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