Empowered Healing For you

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle? Held back from being your true full potential?
Are you ready to be your full true powerful self? Walk your light path and purpose with clarity, focus, new found power, passion, energy and flowing manifestation?  

If you answered yes to the above questions and you are ready to be released and empowered then read on!

We want you to be the best at who you are!

Both Chiara and Lynn are passionate about assisting, supporting and empowering people in their lives. They are both unique and together offer a service for you like no other.

Karmic Debris Extraction and Infinite Soul Empowerment are two therapies that have been brought together by Chiara Irvine and Lynn Morris to clear you of your karmic contracts and ties that are holding you back and returning your essence of self that has been lost or taken throughout your past lives and across the dimensions within the universe.

These sessions are for everyone, you could be a coach, healer, plumber, support worker, therapist, cashier, builder, delivery driver or teacher. It doesn’t matter what field you work in if you are ready to fully walk your life purpose feeling empowered, inspired and healed these sessions are here to assist you.

These sessions can be booked:
-One -to – One in person with Chiara and Lynn lasting up to two hours. This includes a session of each of the therapies, channeled guidance and a life purpose card reading.
Current cost £80
-Distant sessions can be booked and they take an hour. These can be booked anywhere in the world for a time that suites you. These include a distant session of each of the therapies , channeled empowerment message and a life guidance reading.
Cost is £40 
– Group bookings. Chiara and Lynn travel to different venues around the UK offering group empowerment workshops which include group sessions of both of these treatments.
Group bookings on request. 

Daily Soul Empowerment Messages

Each day I email out a short message to empower and inspire you for your energy and journey that day. They are FREE to sign up to, and there will also be a fantastic new newsletter beginning as part of Evolve that I shall be writing for which will include articles, astrological updates, crystal of the month and up to date details on local courses, works and classes.

Please do feel free to move around the website and allow yourself to be guided to what parts you feel drawn to.

Remember that you are the only one on your journey of discovery and you move at your own speed, through releasing and letting go you allow space for the light to shine forward and become your own beacon of light.



About chiarairvine

I empower and inspire lightworkers to move forward on their path. I am passionate about helping people find their purpose and become the best at who they are. I run workshops and talks on empowering you and awakening the healer within.
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